TKEA - Servertelpu A+++

Servertelpu Z-42-TKEA

  • 2020. gada profesioālais servertelpu kondicionieris !
  • Labākie tehniskie dati nazarē pie -20C !
  • Dzesešanas jauda - 4,2(0,98 - 5,00)kW
  • Paredzēts vidējās jaudas servertelpām ar siltuma jaudu 4,5 kW.
  • Paredzēts dzesēt servertelpas bez āra tepmeratūras ierobežojuma.
  • SEER = 8,5 , energoefektivitates klase A+++ !
  •  PAW-SERVER-PKEA (opcija)-iespējams saslēgt divus kondicionierus grupā.
  • Twin Rotary kompresors
  • Ražots Majazijā
  • Garantija 5 gadi  !

Profesionālais kondicionieris paredzēts nepartrauktai izmantošanai servertelpās 24 stundas diennaktī un 365 dienas gadā.
Neatkarīgi no āra temperatūras.
Panasonic has developed a complete range of solutions for server rooms which efficiently protect your servers, keeping them at an appropriate temperature even when the outdoor temperature is below -22°C.

Key points
  • From 2,5 kW to 7 kW with PKEA units
  • From 5 kW to 25 kW with PACi units
  • Backup function
  • Redundancy function
  • Alternative run function
  • Error information by dry contact
  • Operation even at -20°C outdoor temperature
  • Excellent performance with excellent SEER
  • Product design for 24/7 operation

TKEA - Labākie tehniskie dati nozarē pie -20C !!!


High efficiency all the year
On 24/7 operation, the performance of the air conditioning is a key factor.
When the efficiency is high, the return on investment of such units is quickly reached.

High durability for 24/7 operation
Indoor Fan. Cross-Flow-Fan
  • High durability rolling bearings, large size fan
  • High efficiency blade
  • Random pitch blade (low sound)

DC2P Panasonic original compressor, with high efficiency and reliability.
Why is the Panasonic R2 Rotary Compressor so efficient?
1. High Efficiency Motor The premium silicon steel motor meets industry efficiency requirements.
2. Improved Lubrication of High Volume Oil Pump The extended, high volume oil pump in conjunction with a larger capacity oil reservoir provides superior lubrication.
3. Accumulator has Larger Refrigerant Capacity The larger accumulator accommodates generous refrigerant amounts needed in longer line length installations.
Interfaces to run 2 (for PKEA) or up to 3 (for PACi) units on Backup and alternative run
The PAW-SERVER-PKEA server room interface manages redundancy and backup of two PKEA units with two different selectable modes:
  • Plug and play by embedded redundancy and backup algorithm (no external signal needed. Further details please refer to operation manual)
  • External (third party PLC) redundancy and backup management by dry contact

All settings are possible without the need for a computer connection. A special Energy Saving Mode is selectable by deep switch (available only in plug and play mode). The level of remote control input prohibition can be set when external management is by dry contact.

1. Cable maximum length 3 meters each CN-CNT / 2. Output Alarm Signal: A unit - B unit (2 x dry contact maximum 12V) / 3. Output Run Signal: A unit - B unit (2 x dry contact maximum 12V) / 4. Jumper 1) Energy Saving Function / 5. Jumper 2) Enable ON OFF dry contact (maximum 12V) / 6. Standard remote control / 7. Input ON/OFF Signal: A unit - B unit (2 x dry contact maximum 12V) / 8. Input PCB Special Settings. 1 x Connection port to PC
PAW-PACR3 for PACi and ECOi Range
PAW-PACR3, in combination with one PAW-T10V on each indoor unit, allows the redundant operation of 2 (or 3) PAC-i or VRF indoor units.
All units will be operated by programmable turns in order to achieve the same operating time (example turn every 8 hours with 24 hours).
If the room temperature exceeds a freely set value, the 2nd (or 3rd) unit will be switched ON and an alarm will be activated.

In combination with 1x PAW-T10V on each indoor unit, 2 or 3 PACi of ECOi can be programmed to run redundant.
Display and Settings:
Possible to select next unit manually / Possible to reset operation / LED display shows operation status of the 2 or 3 units / Operation status output / Alarm LED and alarm output / Temperature limit can be set / Temperature hysteresis can be set / Room temperature is displayed / Time counter displayed

1. Alarm contact / 2. Room thermostat / 3. External contacts