Panasonic Global Vision



The Panasonic Group strives to be a green innovation company with a global perspective. Its
aim is to be the leading green company in the electronics sector by 2018 - the year that
Panasonic celebrates its centenary.


Panasonic Home Appliances is the European leader in heating and cooling solutions for the
home. When it comes to market share, Panasonic is the No. 1 company for home solutions in
Europe, the No. 1 company for domestic cooling & heating solutions in Spain, and the No. 1
company for heating systems in the Nordic countries.
Panasonic invests significantly in Research & Development, with a strong network of design,
manufacturing and training centres throughout Europe. As part of Panasonic’s continued
programme of growth, a new R&D facility is open in Langen, Germany. The centre is focused on
developing products to meet the needs of European customers, as well as European legislation.


Panasonic is making the environment central to all of its business activities. It will become the
No. 1 green innovation company in the electronics sector through its eco ideas initiative: eco
ideas for lifestyles to change people’s lives and eco ideas for business to bring forth green
innovation in Panasonic’s own global business operations.
Panasonic always strives to offer better living, with a sense of joy, security and comfort, as well
as with virtually zero CO2 emissions in the entire house or building.


Panasonic will create and pursue a business-style which makes the best use of resources and
energy. As well as making eco-conscious products and delivering them to customers,
Panasonic aims to reduce waste of energy and resources during the manufacturing process. As
well as tackling its own business, Panasonic will take a leading role for sharing and working
on environmental challenges in entire societies.